If you are a parent or guardian of a student in CCPS, you will automatically receive SchoolMessenger (SM) notifications to the email address and phone numbers (home, cell, and cell2) that are on file for you in Home Access Center (HAC). The email address and phone numbers that reside in HAC are sent to SchoolMessenger daily at 4:30 am. HAC is the only system where you may update your contact information.

In SM, you may customize how you want notifications sent (phone calls, email, and text messages) for the various messaging types (Emergency, Attendance, General, and Surveys), and view messages sent to you within the past 30 days.

It should be noted that when decisions about school closings or delays are made late at night or early in the morning, guardians will typically only receive notifications via email and text. We generally do not make phone calls to guardians outside of normal waking hours.

We recommend that you:

  1. Have valid guardian information in HAC, including an email address and phone numbers. If you need help accessing your HAC account, please contact the main office of your child's school.

    1. Log in to HAC.
    2. Click on Registration.
    3. Click on Edit to the right of Contacts.
    4. Scroll down to where you see "Guardian: Your Name" and update the email address and/or phone numbers. Please be careful to update your information in the Guardian area only. For most guardians, the student information will be at the very top. Note: Although you may enter phone numbers into any field, only Home, Cell, Cell2, and Work numbers from HAC are imported into SM.
    5. Click Save at the top.

    The fields below are imported to SM for guardians and will default to receive messages as follows:

    • Email = will receive all emails by default
    • Home = will receive all calls by default
    • Cell = will receive all calls by default, and texts if you've texted Y to 67587 from your device
    • Cell 2 = will receive all calls by default, and texts if you've texted Y to 67587 from your device
    • Work = will not get calls by default

  2. If you want to change any of the defaults above, please continue to steps 2 - 5.

  3. Log in to SchoolMessenger, then click Sign Up or Log In.

    1. Click Sign Up if you’ve never been in SchoolMessenger before. Enter your email address from HAC and create a password that meets the complexity requirements. Click Sign Up. You will be sent an email with a secure link to confirm your account. If you receive a message saying, “This email is already registered,” then go to the Log In page and attempt to login. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot your password?” link.
    2. Click Log In if you’ve been in SchoolMessenger before. Enter your email address from HAC and your password. Click Log In. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot your password?” link.

  4. If you are prompted to update user settings, enter your first and last name along with your role of parent.

  5. If you are prompted to approve your phone numbers, please select “Yes, it’s ok to call me at this number” for each of your numbers, then click Save. You can always disable certain types of calls or change your answer later in the Preferences section.

  6. The SchoolMessenger site has several sections: Messages, Groups, Contacts, and under your name: Settings, Preferences, Help, and Logout.

    1. The default page is Messages. This page shows your Messages from the last 30 days. You can click on any message to read it on the right-hand side.
    2. The Groups page is not currently in use.
    3. The Contacts page shows the students you are associated with and your relationship to them if you click on the down arrow.
      If you hover over your name,
    4. Settings allows you to update your first and last name and role.
    5. Preferences is where you can toggle on and off where you want to receive messages. You can update your preferences in one of two ways: by email address and phones numbers, or by message type.

      1. To update by email address and phone numbers: Click on any phone number or email address and check or uncheck each “call me,” “send text,” and “email me” option for the different message types. When you are done, click Save.
      2. To update by message type: Click on a message type under My Message Preferences and check or uncheck each phone number and email address, then click Save.
        Keep in mind that:

        1. You must have at least one phone listed for Emergency and Attendance notifications.
        2. You can change your consent for receiving automated phone messages by clicking on your phone number and clicking Change at the top.
        3. If information listed on the Preferences page needs to be updated, you must go to HAC to update your information.
        4. CCPS never sends surveys via SchoolMessenger.
        5. To receive text messages, you must opt-in by texting Y to 67587 from your mobile device. If you ever wish to cancel text messaging, text STOP to 67587.

    6. Help is where you can go for more information about the SM application.
    7. Log Out will log you out of the system.

Another option for messaging is our CCPS App. Learn more about the CCPS smartphone app and push notifications.

If you’ve followed the instructions for your role and are still not receiving messages as expected, please refer to troubleshooting tips.

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