Peer Mediation

Conflict is inevitable but violence is not. Everyone needs a constructive way to deal with conflict, disputes, frustrations, or pent-up emotions.

Students can solve their differences before they lead to serious conflicts through the Peer Mediation Program. Students trained in the use of conflict management skills help their peers find solutions to conflicts that may otherwise escalate and result in referrals to the office, disciplinary interventions, or violent confrontations.

Peer mediators learn active listening and effective communication skills, how to help students brainstorm to solve problems, and how to finalize the agreement reached during the mediation. These skills can help solve a range of problems peacefully — problems like name-calling, rumor-spreading, or problems involving certain aggressive behaviors. Participants have found these skills to be valuable well beyond the limits of the peer mediation program.

Peer mediation is available in some of our schools. A staff member at the school coordinates this program, which has won praise from school personnel, parents, and, most of all, students.

Those who have taken advantage of peer mediation have found it to be an effective way to avoid confrontations so that they can focus on more important things, like getting good grades and demonstrating self-discipline and positive self-direction.

Peer Mediation Program Contact Information:

Molly Gearhart
Supervisor of Student Services
Phone: 443-550-8460
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